Our Story

  We're Scott and Brenda, the makers behind Tweed Rains.  Our love for nature and the outdoors is a major influence in our brand as we use beautiful woods in most of our products.

In the last few years we became more aware that the items we value most are those that came as personalized/hand made gifts.  Our journey as makers started with making gifts for our family.  Now we take great pleasure in producing gifts for you and your families & friends.

Our brand is focused on high quality, so our products are made from real wood veneers. Early in our journey we tried the popular approach of using stains to imitate some woods, but we did not like the results and believe that our customers appreciate the authenticity of real wood.

We offer three types of wood for most products and others on special request.

Maple provides a very clean look that has high contrast for any custom engraving. The Tung Oil finish provides a slightly amber color that enhances the subtle grain lines. This is a favorite wood for elegant wedding gifts.

One of our favorite woods is Mahogany with it’s fine-grained texture and beautiful warm tones of red. The rich color still provides good contrast for engravings and certainly brings in the feel of real wood. 

Walnut brings a high-class feel to your gift. The deep chocolate-like colors and pronounced grain, blend with the engravings to make them seem as they are a natural part of the wood. 

  Our business is located in the countryside outside of the lovely small town of Chelsea Michigan.